Data Consulting

At Aqsone, our greatest satisfaction is that of our customers! When Data Scientists and Engineers focus on technical excellence, Data Consultants ensure that the solution meets your business needs.

For useful AI, let's start from your needs

We support you in understanding your issues by taking into account your issues, your constraints and your existing processes. We also evaluate the added value of data science solutions responding to these.

The key activities of Consultants

Our consultants are able to cover a varied spectrum of activities which allows data projects to take place as efficiently as possible, with optimal added value.



Our consultants support you in the flattening your processes in order to identify the business issues associated.

On the activities of Data Governance, they support you in the evaluation of your maturity current and help you define the goals for the coming years.

The transformation of a business into business data driven requires specific skills. Our consultants help you with deployment of action plans of Data Governance and the propagation of a data culture in the company through dedicated training.





When a business problem is identified, our consultants frame the need in order to define the AI solution that will create maximum business value. Each use case is prioritized based on its business value as well as its technical feasibility.

Our consultants help you move from “doing agile” to “being agile”. 

Agility helps you have total visibility on the progress of projects, allows you to offer a solution that can be used quickly and adapt developments based on your user feedback. 



Word from experts

Charles Lerminiaux
Charles L Executive Board

“The transformation into a data-driven company requires relying on experts and allows us to remain competitive in the face of ever more agile and efficient competition. "

Cecile Sebastian
Cécile S Senior Consultant / Data Project Manager

“The real strength of the People Analytics approach is being able to recover, structure and analyze all this varied data so that the HR function makes better, informed decisions. All this to improve the engagement of its talents and its employer brand."

Juliette R Operations Manager

“Today, the role of the Purchasing Department is more strategic than ever. By taking part in the digital transformation of her organization, she creates even more value for her company."

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