Procurement 360

Manage your Purchasing and Supply Chain thanks to the visualization of your data

Automatically centralize and exploit data from your different ERPs


centralized data sources on average


productivity gain for the Purchasing and Supply Chain department


week to connect the first dashboard

Recurring crises are increasingly forcing companies to take quick and relevant decisions. How is this possible with scattered and potentially erroneous data?

Our solution plug & play offers total visibility over the Purchasing and Supply Chain scope for informed decision-making.


Centralize your data

Automate the creation of complete repository of your Purchasing and Supply Chain data. Thanks to our connectors, your data is very easily recovered from different heterogeneous sources (ERP, database, files, etc.), from different publishers and versions, then stored securely in one place.


Have quality, reliable and enriched data

Our data processing solution allows you to clean your repository to make it a reliable source. The techniques used are: 

  • Normalization and standardization
  • Duplicate detection and removal
  • Correction of outliers
  • Imputation of missing data

You also benefit from an increased view thanks to our connectors capable ofenrich your data from external databases such as Ecovadis, Duns & Bradstreet, Intuiz or even Hiveo.


Navigate dynamic dashboards

Benefit from a ergonomic solution which will allow you to easily move from an overview to a detailed view of a particular area. 

Explore your issues from their origin and gain performance.


Effectively supervise all of your Purchasing and Supply Chain

Procurement 360 is the fruit of our Purchasing and Supply Chain expertise acquired from numerous clients in different sectors of activity. Of the Intuitive KPIs and graphs enable us to meet a need for management for each stage of the process Purchasing and Supply Chain, from supplier sourcing to invoicing, including order tracking and CSR aspects.


Go to 2.0

Take full advantage of the performance of Procurement 360 by activating Artificial Intelligence modules such as : 

  • Demand prediction, 
  • Anticipation of delivery delays, 
  • Optimization of item purchasing
  • Detection of anomalies in your P2P (Procure to Pay) process 
  • Calculation of suppliers' carbon footprint.

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