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Completely Aqsone and passionately AI!

From 2014, I had the intuition that theArtificial Intelligence would be a major revolution, on a scale comparable to the arrival of electricity or the Internet. Today, this conviction has become a certainty: companies that do not adopt AI will be downgraded and condemned to disappear.

I have the honor to accompany an exceptional team, made up of enthusiasts with varied backgrounds. We all strongly believe that AI offers a unique opportunity to significantly transform society.

Our mission is clear: to respond to business challenges by providing ethical AI solutions, respectful of men, women and the planet.

Join us on this adventure, because together we can shape a future where AI will serve the common good and contribute to a better world.

Olivier Reberga Profile Picture
Olivier Reberga Founding President

The team

A team of enthusiasts, ready to support us in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Hélène Profile Picture
Helene Director of human resources
Charles Profile Picture
Charles Executive Board
Juliette Profile Picture
Juliette Operations Manager
Hugo Profile Picture
Hugo Data Scientist
Matthieu Profile Picture
Matthieu Data Scientist
Théo Profile Picture
Theo Data Engineer
Caroline Profile Picture
Caroline Data Scientist
Houcem Profile Picture
Houcem Data Scientist
Paul Profile Picture
Paul Data Scientist
Nicolas Profile Picture
Nicolas Data Scientist
Adrien Profile Picture
Adrien Data Scientist
Elise Profile Picture
Elise Data Scientist
Nicolas Profile Picture
Nicolas Data Scientist
Hugo Profile Picture
Hugo Business Developer
Thomas Profile Picture
Thomas Data Scientist
Louis Profile Picture
Louis Data Scientist
Kheira Profile Picture
Kheira Responsable Administrative
Baptiste Profile Picture
Baptiste Data Scientist
Gaël Profile Picture
Gael Data Scientist
Théo Profile Picture
Theo Data Scientist
Florentin Profile Picture
Florentin Data Engineer
Matthieu Profile Picture
Matthieu Data Consultant
Emie Profile Picture
Emie Data Engineer/Scientist
Diane Profile Picture
Diane Business Developer
Charleen Profile Picture
Charleen Chargée Marketing Digital
Et toi ? Profile Picture
And you ? New

Life at Aqsone

Take advantage of the many opportunities available to you to get fully involved and flourish.

The squads

Squads offer employees the opportunity to participate, beyond their everyday mission, At business development, on themes as varied as recruitment, communication, methods and tools, training, events, CSR, etc.


These knowledge sharing sessions organized once or twice a month allow employees to present to the whole team a subject that is close to their heart (NLP, LLM, RL, Agile methodology, etc.) around a meal offered by the company.

The animations

Internal events are precious moments at Aqsone which allow employees to come together for convivial moments, financed by the company: escape game, bowling, theater, laser game, sports weekend, Christmas meal, etc.

Join us

Join us and let's tackle the challenges of implementing AI for a better world together.