Data Solutions

We exploit the potential of your data by developing valuable AI solutions.

Implement an AI solution

Identify, experiment and deploy valuable use cases with a guided process

You have not identified any use cases

Let's organize an ideation workshop together

Led by an expert consultant in your sector of activity, this workshop encourages discussions through different ideation exercises in order toidentify use cases solvable by AI and dedicated to performance.

You have identified a use case

Let’s launch a proof of concept phase

A PoC (Proof of Concept) consists of develop a prototype to measure the relevance of the use case previously identified, over a restricted area, and thus validate the benefits of the solution.

You have confirmed the value of the use case

Let's industrialize the solution across the entire company

Once the value and ROI (return on investment) of the PoC have been validated, we let's deploy the solution across your entire business. We then monitor performance to ensure its sustainability.

The Proof of Concept approach

This phase, lasting a maximum of three months, aims to develop a functional prototype, on a limited scope, and measure the value generated for your company.

Our Data and AI expertise

Our expert teams know how to select the best Data approaches to solve your problem, regardless of the type of data at their disposal.

Generative AI

Generative AIs create various realistic contents such as texts (LLM), images, music, offering new creative perspectives and practical applications.

Machine Learning

Machine learning makes it possible to anticipate, classify, optimize or automate complex tasks by using past data.

Natural Language Processing
Extract value from a series of texts through statistical and semantic analysis using Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Optimization & Reinforcement
Optimize the way you use resources to create the most value possible.
Time Series

Analyze and use time series data, identify trends, predict future developments.

Computer Vision
Automatically classify images or detect objects in a video using Deep Learning.


The technologies used by Aqsone have undergone rigorous evaluation and enable the creation of high-performance AI solutions.

Examples of AI solutions

Here are some examples of AI solutions developed for our clients in various sectors such as Aeronautics and Space, Energy, Distribution, Health, etc.

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