Our enterprise

We develop AI solutions for sustainable business performance.

Created in 2014, Aqsone is a tech company specializing in Data Science And Artificial intelligence, offering innovative solutions to large groups in various fields such as Supply Chain, THE Human ressources, THE Purchases and the Predictive Maintenance. With its expertise, Aqsone positions itself as a key player in business transformation through AI.

Our vision

We believe that theArtificial Intelligence is a revolution which will be as disruptive as the arrival of the Internet in organizations.

Our mission is therefore tosupport our customers and to allow them to benefit from this unique potential, to enable them to make more informed decisions and become more efficient.

Our reason for being

The current climate crisis requires organizations to are fundamentally rethinking their economic models in order to reduce their impact on the environment. At Aqsone, we are therefore committed to working alongside our customers to develop ethical solutions which promote nature protection but also the well-being of humanity.

Our founding values


Provide original and distinctive solutions


Thirst to discover, to innovate, to understand


Work in a good atmosphere for well-being at work


Support each other to go further together


Delivering the best through continuous learning

Some key figures



Birth of the Aqsone company

The team

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Data Scientists, Engineers, Analysts, Architects, Consultants…


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In the aerospace sector, distribution, energy…


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Purchasing and Supply Chain, Logistics, Manufacturing, Maintenance, HR, Finance, Customers.



Located in Toulouse and Paris

Our commitments for the planet

Our company is strongly committed to sustainable practices which benefit the environment and society.

We have established exemplary waste management, while adopting a paperless policy to reduce our environmental impact.

In addition, we favor responsible purchasing by opting for reconditioned computer equipment and furniture from sustainably managed sources.

In the interest of gentle mobility, we strongly encourage our employees to choose cycling thanks to a sustainable mobility bonus, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Regarding energy, we maintain reasonable temperatures, thus limiting our consumption while preserving natural resources.

Our commitment to sustainability has been recognized by Ecovadis, who awarded us la médaille de bronze lors de l'audit de 2024, témoignant de nos efforts constants pour promouvoir des pratiques responsables.

We measure CO2 emissions generated by our developments (predictive models, etc.), internally and for our clients with the aim of understanding and reducing them.

We persevere in our actions aimed at strengthen our sustainable practices and to play an active role in preserving the environment.

Our partners