Data Governance

We help you establish an effective business organization for the management of your data.

Govern your data

Data governance is based on defining clear processes and organization, responsibilities, rules and standards that ensure data quality is maintained and compliance and security requirements are met.


Responsibility and Accountability

Establish roles and responsibilities within your company for managing your data. This includes designating data owners, quality and compliance officers.


Policies and standards

Elaborate procedures for managing data collection, retention, use and sharing. This ensures that data is processed consistently and in compliance with applicable regulations.


Data control and quality

Put in place control mechanisms to ensure data quality, integrity and accuracy. This may involve data validation, cleaning and normalization processes.


Compliance and security

Ensure data is used and shared in accordance with confidentiality and security rules. This includes protecting sensitive data, access management and security measures.

What is the cost of poor data quality?

The absence of data governance at the company level is a real obstacle in the transformation of different professions that wish to make data-driven decisions. The survival of your business depends on it.

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