Late deliveries anticipation

Secure your Supply Chain by targeting your supplier orders at risk


number of late orders avoided on average


reduction of costs linked to production line stoppages


characteristics to describe each command


weeks of development


In today's industrial landscape, supply chains have become increasingly complex, leading to greater sensitivity to delivery delays. These delays can have significant impacts on the production chain, disrupt the proper functioning of operations and cause heavy financial losses. Companies are forced to react at the last moment to these delays due to lack of visibility. 


Our solution adapted to your business allows suppliers toidentify, in their portfolio, the purchase orders most at risk of delivery delays. This solution makes it possible to detect warning signs and launch action plans before these risks become real problems. Using purchasing data from your various ERPs and those shared by your suppliers, we are developing a formidable Artificial Intelligence solution using the best Machine Learning algorithms.


  • Reduction of your production costs  related to unexpected interruptions 
  • Better planning of your production thanks to more reliable deliveries 
  • Improving your operational efficiency through more efficient use of resources
  • Reduction of your transport costs avoiding emergency shipments 
  • Improved relationships with your suppliers, more serene, more transparent
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